Where once there was nothing again there shall be nothing. So says the fallen son. It is a dark world we live in. Not as dark as it once was, nay, nor as dark as the days that surely lie ahead, but the prosperity of the time of the Redeemer has long since passed.

You are young. Too young, too green, too new to this world to remember, but once it was grand. The redeemer arose from the wastes and brought peace and hope to our lands. Where once we had been lost, abandoned in the world by whatever god or beast that came before, he showed us a path to glory.

It was a great time for all things.

As the people prospered, The Redeemer sought to grant them the ultimate freedom. He knew they would grow dependent on him, so he withdrew, allowing the people to find their own strength. through hope and faith. To ensure the world would not falter in his absence, he created 13 and looked upon them as his progeny, and to the 13 he gave the reins of the world. Twelve accepted glady, but the 13th saw the shadow cast by the light. With a heavy heart he accepted his task,trying to shoulder the darkness that crept upon his path, but just as day must fade to night, so too did the 13th grow jaded. His burden unshared had strained him, and one black day he set upon his Father, to ask, to beg, we he must bear the world alone. The Redeemer, the one who saved our world from darkness, could not sate his sons rage, and in a flurry of words and blades, the 13th dealt a final devastating blow.

The Redeemer’s body was rent apart, though his remaining children, unable to let go of the man who had granted them their very existence, did all they could to preserve his life and power. His mind lived on, however, as the body fought to die. Trying to forget the betrayal of their father, the 12 sealed their Father’s body away and washed His blood from the room. Much to their dismay, it turned out that it would not all come clean. 13 lines across the wall, words of blood, in blood, there for all with eyes to see.

The 13th son shall fall form grace

The Redeemer’s blood shall spill

Son shall deny the blood of the Father

The Father shall reject the blood of the son

Scarlet washes away titles rightly earned

The mind forever doomed to dream

A battle that never could be fought in life

The world shall go on unaware

The struggle to continue never felt

Until the day the traitor’s blood runs cold

The death of the fallen shall free the mind

With battle won and title restored

The Redeemer’s eyes shall open at last

Thus read the prophecy. With their Father never to wake until their brother’s life was ended, the strongest among them set out to avenge the betrayal that rocked the world.

Fated Encounters